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Anxious, depressed, overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel out of control?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you experiencing panic attacks?
  • Do you have trouble coping?
  • Is stress causing you to lose sleep?
Ken Kranz, MD
Ken Kranz, MD

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Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Get Help With Anxiety

Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are all symptoms of the disconnect between how we perceive ourselves and the world around us and our deepest feelings. Untreated, anxiety can ruin our health, career, and relationships. Panic attacks can be disabling.

Hypnotherapy is a recognized treatment for anxiety that often works when talk therapy alone does not. If feelings of worry, anxiety, isolation, sleeplessness, and stress are causing distress in your life, hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy techniques can alleviate anxiety by using a light trance to uncover the source of your negative feelings. Treatment can redirect these energies toward positive goals and true happiness. Hypnosis is gentle and safe. Learn coping strategies, reduce your stress, and improve your sleep.

Ken Kranz, MD has decades of experience as a healthcare practitioner and is a certified hypnotherapist. He understands how you feel and can help. 

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